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EFFETTO DOPPLER "indifferenticieli" CD (MZ 012)
The existential trip of a human and scientific crossover driven by a pop osmosis in the full space of experimentation. A starship of frequencies where the orchestra of echo ignites the rock'n'wave reactor, modulating inspired lyrics in a guitar and rhythmic magma, among funk pulses, psychedelic fractals, alien punk, cosmic ballads, along an oscillating route of fantasy and consciousness. Fold-out cardboard cover + insert with Italian / English lyrics.

DISCOLOR - "III" CD (Mizmaze MZ008 / Lizard)
Deep reverberation of celestial psychedelia by Stefan 'Limo' Lienemann (Fit & Limo, Shiny Gnomes, Fim Froil) one of the best undercurrent of the German musical scene. Previous albums are "Discolor" and "Soundbath Installation" (September Gurls).
"…come pretty damn close to attaining a flowery nirvana" (Ptolemaic Terrascope)
OHM - "Raw Ohm" CD (Mizmaze MZ010 / Snowdonia)
Live document by Texas' cosmic couriers. The spontaneous dimension to seize their acoustic-electronic whirl after the studio exposures of "O2" (Timothy's Brain) and "Voices" (Two Ohm Hop). "…Ohm does an excellent job of blending Krautrock/Kosmiche/space/prog and avant-rock/RIO influences to create something both recognizable and maybe even slightly unique… Recommended" (Aural Innovations)
MAISIE - "Music is a Fish Defrosted With a Hair Dryer" CD (Mizmaze MZ009 / Snowdonia)
Deep, lustful, aquatic, Maisie land to the hi-fi, beyond the stroboscopic allurements of the appearance, into an aural reign of rare intensity and ultrasonic talent.
"…The anarchic nature of the Maisie identity ranges from sound collage pieces to more songlike excursions with a unifying whimsicality and a strong sense of humor" (Dream Magazine)
"FLORALIA Vol. 1" (1996 CD, On / Off) [Sold out]
Howth Castle, Kryptästhesie, Subterraneans, Mirabilia, Knot Toulouse, Oak, Angus, Sunscape, Backwards, Acidi Tonanti, Experimental Low-Fi Pop Oscillators, Olographic Landscapes, Gastel Etzwane (all Italian bands).
"FLORALIA Vol. 2" (1997 CD, On / Off) [Sold out]
Atman, Anna Nacher (Polonand), ZeN (Turkey), Humus, Frolic Froth (Mexico), Ole Lukkoye (Russia), Earcandy, Wobble Jiggle Jaggle, Moonflowers (UK), Dunlavy, Bag, Iron Bong (USA), S/T (Germany), Tribe of Cro (Belgium), Krypthästesie, Lo-Fi Sucks!, TV Dinner (Italy).
"FLORALIA Vol. 3" (1999 CD digipak, WoT 4) Cosmic Gardeners (Germany), AMP, Ectogram (UK), Korai Öröm (Hungary), Tom Kazas (Australia), OHM, Tombstone Valentine (USA), In The Labyrinth (Sweden), Alquimia, Smoking the Century Away (Mexico), This Fluid (Greece), Acid Mothers Temple (Japan), Magic Carpathians (Poland), Le Forbici di Manitù (Italy).
" … one of the best psych compilations around right now" (Crohinga Well)
WERWR "FLORALIA Vol. 4" CD (Mizmaze MZ011 / WoT 4)

Psychedelic pollen from the planet Earth featuring: Fit & Limo (Germany), Kaminumada Yohji (Japan), Murder in the Cathedral (France), Ektroverde (Finland), Missy Roback (with Steven Roback ex-Rain Parade), Mandible Chatter (USA), Solar Mumuns Rainbohemians (ex-Moonflowers), Lazily Spun (UK), Dono Celeste, Effetto Doppler (Italy), Group 2012 (Russia), Trottel Monodream Experience (Hungary), Schwarz (Spain), Replikas, BaBa ZuLa (Turkey). Gatefold cover + 20 pages booklet by Matteo Guarnaccia (painter and writer, deep lover of the international psychedelic and underground culture) and bands.
Available from: 21ST March 2002
KRYPTÄSTHESIE ("Dark Lady Incontra il suo Fantasma Preferito" + "Tonno Morto") ") / LINUS PAULING QUARTET ("Jason Bill") 7"split EP (1999, MZ 001)
"Multiple experiment of psychedelic alchemies. "…unusual… entertaining… excellent" (Crohinga Well)
KRYPTÄSTHESIE - "No Age" CD (2000, MZ 002)
No age can grow from the violence seeds. Contaminations, poetry and demons from the magic 'italiens'.
"…Kryptästhesie, it's unlikely you will have heard anything this original for a very long time and the beauty of it is it's constantly shifting styles and pace. No home should be without one" (pOoTer's pSycheDelic shAcK)
Read the fantastic Jerry Kranitz aarticle/interview on Aural Innovations at:

TSUKOR BILA SMERT - "Tsukor Bila Smert" CD-R [Sold out] (2000, MZ003 Mizmaze / Snowdonia)
[Sold out]
Avant-folk ensemble of Kiev. A witch dance led by the vocal spells of Svitlana Ohrimenko.

FACCIONS - "Faccions" CD (2000, MZ004 Mizmaze / Snowdonia) [Sold out]
Pesaro (mid Italy) based space-trance-freak-punk collective, the exothermic sound from a stellar combustion fuelled by acid guitars, violin, strange rhythms.
ST. RIDE - "St. Ride" CD (2001, MZ005 Mizmaze / Snowdonia)
Stride in Italian language means: to creak. They are three boys from Genova (north Italy) which work on a strange psychedelic-ambient post rock potion created with turntables, crazy machineries and samples.

MAISIE - "Do You Still Remember When You Found Your Lud in My Nostril?" CD (2001, MZ006 Mizmaze / Snowdonia) [Sold out]
From Messina with love: the second kaosdelic experience.

EKTROVERDE - "Integral" CD (Mizmaze MZ007 / Snowdonia) [Sold out]
Fun-tasty-kaleidoscopic space psychedelia from Finland fuelled by jazz-rock-trance reaction. 4th journey.
"…hypnotic experimentalism…spacey slice of post rock…rave music for the psychedelic generation… creepy drones" (The Broken Face)