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The strange thing is that Linus Pauling Quartet is by no means a quartet. Less strange is that improvisation and rock music go along better and better, particularly in the case of this Houston-based band also related with Charalambides, Dunlavy and Schlong Weasel even though "…in music and spirit we feel line up with Dry Nod and Mike Gunn".
Their sound's reaction batch is the live experience, an ideal context of spontaneous creation and free interpretation. A droplet of this sonic momentum has seasoned the Mizmaze debut in the split 7"EP with Kryptästhesie, and can now be heard in mp3 format in the Mizmaze web-site.

LINUS PAULING QUARTET "Jason Bill" / KRYPTÄSTESIE "Dark Lady Incontra il suo Fantasma Preferito" + " Tonno Morto" MZ 001
7"EP limited edition 300 copies
(P) 1999


· "Immortal Chinese Classics" CD (Worship Guitars, 1996)
· "Linus Pauling Quartet" LP (September Gurls, 1997)
· "Killing You with Rock" CD (September Gurls, 1998)
· "Ashes in the Bong of God" LP/CD (Sept. Gurls / Fleece, 2000)


· "Dartania" includes on "Succour - the Terrascope Benefit Album" (1997)
· "Cole Porter" includes on "The 26th Commandment - Thou Shalt Expand Thy Mind" given away with Ptolemaic Terrascope # 26 (1998).


· "Jason Bill" 7" (split EP with Kryptästhesie - Mizmaze Records, 1999)

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