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COSMIC GARDENERS - "Moment Opens Moment" (Germany)
Featuring Riff and Bela, a couple (and in real life) of multi-instrumentalists based in Kastl, Germany. All their material to date has been self-produced on the Stono Records label, during the 90s: bizarre post-Barrett harmonies of cyclic alternations mixed by dense acustic-electric-electronic potions. Cosmic Gardeners' discography consists of "Concerning Internal Signet" (LP 1992), "Calling Joy-Sele" (LP 1993), "Fortune Bells & Magic Candles" (CD 1996), "Big Kisses" (CD 1997) and "Brainpool of Tongues" (CD 1999). In addition: "Cellular Fishes in an Ocean of Time", "Dream Minatures", two solo albums by Riff which came out as Riff & The Mad Hatters Garden Band Machine (CD 1995 - 2001) and "Fim Froil" (CD 1998), the same title of the project Riff did together with Stefan 'Limo' Lienemann (Fit & Limo, Discolor, Shiny Gnomes, Weltraumservice).
riff@stonorecords.com / www.stonorecords.com

AMP - "Left It" (UK)
Another couple, this time featuring Karine Charff (originally of French descent) and Richard Walker, forming part of a group of musicians with those distinctive Bristol sound effects (Flying Saucer Attack, Third Eye Foundation, Movietone, Crescent). From 1996 to date they have released three albums and various singles (brought together by Enraptured in 1998 on CD "Passé Présent"). Their recent landing on Kranky Records has generated "Astralmoonbeamprojections" (1997) and "Stenorette" (1998), two of the best "cross-bred" psychedelic records of the '90s.
KORAI ÖRÖM - "Welcome to the Hippie Future" (Hungary)
Korai Öröm are thirteen musicians from Budapest which act in the context of an ultra-rhythmic research where the cardinal points vaporize in a contaminated rainbow, like an intense tribal echo between ethno-cosmic psychedelia and trance music. At present there are three homonymous CD's, all untitled (as well as the songs). This is their special concession to Floralia.
TOM KAZAS - "Shades of White" (Australia)
Tom was one of the Moffs, a legendary band from Sidney who surfed the austral psychedelic waves of the mid-'80s. After the Taj Orange project he made three solo albums during the '90s, the last of which, "Saint or Fool" (Hitch-Hyke Records) at the beginning of '98. Very original and strange enveloping melodies that rise to huge echoing whirlwinds.
OHM - "Super Breakout" (USA)
A band from Texas with the wonderful "O2" debut in '97 on Timothy's Brain label under the guiding hands of Vas Deferens Organization followed by "Voices" (Two Ohm Hop, 2000). Acustic and electronic instruments in a sonic confluence. The recent live "Raw Ohm" (CD, Mizmaze / Snowdonia) was shining among the fireworks of 2001.
IN THE LABYRINTH - "Sagarmatha" (Sweden)
The song title is actually the Nepalese word for Mount Everest. A convergence of sounds and cultures from the magic visions of northern hobbits on the light step of a meditative and harmonic dance. After producing a few cassettes they have released "The Garden of Mystery" CD (APM, 1996) , "Walking on Clouds" CD (TAP / Record Heaven, 2000) and "Dryad" (TAP / Record Heaven, 2002) .
SMOKING THE CENTURY AWAY - "Professing the Unpasteurized" (Mexico)
Featuring Victor Basurto and Jorge Beltran, 'ring leaders' of the Mexican scene starting from late '70s . Names like Loch Ness, Humus, Frolic Froth, Semefo and many others in an explosion of ideas and projects, the most of which from the Sky Corner studio of their record labels, Smogless and Nuggetphase, of Mexico City. The most experimental elements of an instrumental potion converge on this new incarnation, which debuted with the eponymous CD (1999) followed by "Animated Weightlessness" (2001).
gnomon@onetelnet.nl / http://www.euronet.nl/users/gnomon/
THIS FLUID - "Joni's Sweet Echo" (Greece)
An high density multi-instrumental-sensory quintet from Athens which playful, infectious liquefaction in futurama, debuts in '97 with the CD "Flud" (Hitch Hyke Records). An exotic reverberation of a psych-fusion cocktail that slips down like nectar.
A collective from Nagoya led by guitar player Makoto Kawabata, also a member in the line-up of Musica Transonic and Mainliner as well as solo performer. Roaring and trancedelic sounds shaken from a wah wah-sieve of an acoustic-electric-electronic row. Their first CD (PSF Records) was voted one of the best records of 1998 by the prestigious English magazine, The Wire. The following albums are: "Pataphisical Freakout Mu!!" (PSF, 1999) and "Troubadours From Another Heavenly World" (PSF, 2000) plus other releases during 2001 on various labels including the remarkable "La Novia" (Swordfish).
kawabata@acidmothers.com / www.acidmothers.com
THE MAGIC CARPATHIANS PROJECT - "First Step into the Mountain" (Poland)
The first sign of life from the new creature after the Atman experience (various albums, by which "Personal Forest" and "Tradition" was reissued on Californian Drunken Fish, plus numerous cassettes). Anna Nacher and Marek Styczynski continue rolling on "ethnocore" shamanic wheels exploring new ground with their treasure of acoustic instruments. "Ethnocore" (Fly Music, 1999) is also their debut CD followed by "Ksiega Utopii" (The Book of Utopy - Obuh Records, 2000) , "Dënega" (Obuh Records, 2001), "Ethnocore 2: Nytú" (Drunken Fish, 2001) and "Ethnocore 3: Vak" (Fly Music, 2002).
nytuan@ceti.pl / http://www.karpatymagiczne.vivo.pl
LE FORBICI DI MANITU' - "Division 6" (Italy)
A Tuscan quartet founded by journalist Vittore Baroni, who is pretty active in the artistic expression field and in Mail Art, a universal media collage, combining writing and images that 'show all the diverse alterations, uses and objectives in communication'. It's a hybrid motion with an ironic demystificating vein that has expanded into the musical form of various CDs since 1995 ("Quadrivelogue", "Luther Blisset - The Original Soundtracks", "Trivelogue", "Appy Polly Loggy", "Play & Remix Lt. Murnau", "Infanzia di M") as a kind of extension of the senses on a flowing visionary acid wave.
ECTOGRAM - "Ochenaid Llegs" (UK)
A Trio from Wales who often sing in Welsh like other bands from a fertile scene that has also brought us Gorkys Zygotic Mynci. Their first album "I Can't Believe It's Not Reggae" released in '97 on Ankst is a fantastic catalogue of real Canterbury style freaky pop-lysergic elements. Good friends of Faust resulted in them doing a cover of "Faust Tapes" and later by becoming the support band in an extensive European tour. They're also involved in a project called The Serpents, a kind of Anglo-Welsh super-group (debut CD "You Have Just Been Poisoned By The Serpents" on Ochre Records, 1999). More (psyche)delights with the recent "All Behind the Witchtower" (2000) and "Tall Things Falling" (2002).
skald@mail.globalnet.co.uk / www.centralslate.omnia.co.uk/resources/f1.html?95,23
A Quintet from Indianapolis, and part of a group of musicians that has generated bands like Windopane, Many Bright Things and The Mushroom Honey, all self-produced on OR and Aether labels. They released their first LP "Hidden World" in '98 (reissued on CD with bonus track during '99). A dazzling flourish of real acid psychedelia.
ALQUIMIA - "Floralia" (Messico - UK)
Superb avant-garde musician and performer with a wide range of collaborations from J. L. Fernandez Ledesma to O'Rang. Four CD's ("Coatlicue", "Wings of Perception", "Dead Tongues" and "A Separate Reality") all released in the '90s in the search of bringing together pre-columbian music and mythology with electronics. The incredible shamanic power of Alquimia's voice is a mind-blasting mushroom trip into other dimensions. On "Floralia" Alquimia sings and performs all instruments including synthesizers, acoustic ethnic percussion, and electronic processing. It's a beautiful heartfelt dedication.
info@alquimia.co.uk / www.alquimia.demon.co.uk/
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mizmaze@tiscalinet.it / www.mizmaze.it

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